Stroke Free India Trust

Stroke Free India Trust

"Uniting for Wellness, Striving for a Stroke-Free Nation: Join the Trust."

About Us

The Stroke Free India Trust, founded and led by Dr. Apratim Chatterjee.

Welcome to the Stroke Free India Trust, a beacon of hope and health founded and led by Dr. Apratim Chatterjee – a distinguished medical professional with a profound commitment to neurological well-being. Dr. Chatterjee holds extensive qualifications, including MD in Medicine, DM in Neurology, and a Fellowship in Interventional Neurology.

In Loving Memory Of Late Dr. Ashim Kumar Chatterjee

"Welcome to Stroke Free India Trust, founded by Dr. Apratim Chatterjee, as a heartfelt tribute to his father, the late Dr. Ashim Kumar Chatterjee. Our mission is to promote stroke awareness, prevention, and healthcare, carrying forward the spirit of compassion and dedication instilled by Lt. Dr. Ashim Kumar Chatterjee. Together, let's create a future free from the impact of strokes."

Our Trustees & Settlor

Dr. Anannya Ghosh


Ms. Sabita Chatterjee


Our Mission

At Stroke Free India Trust, our mission is clear – to build a healthier, stroke-free nation. Driven by compassion and a deep understanding of neurological care, we strive to empower lives through awareness, prevention, and expert intervention.

Founder's Vision

Dr. Apratim Chatterjee’s vision is rooted in the belief that a stroke-free India is not just a possibility but an attainable reality. With a wealth of experience and expertise in neurology, his leadership propels the trust towards innovative solutions and comprehensive care for individuals at risk or affected by neurological conditions.


  1. Undertake and Promote Research

  2. Incidence Study of Neurological Disorders

  3. Financial Assistance for Research

Join Us in the Journey to a Stroke-Free India

At Stroke Free India Trust, we invite you to be a part of our mission. Whether you seek expert consultation, wish to contribute to awareness programs, or want to support our cause, your involvement makes a difference. Together, let's build a healthier, happier, and stroke-free India.
Empowering Lives, Ensuring Strokes Stay Away - Stroke Free India Trust.

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